Thursday, July 1, 2010

CNY 2010: Bangkok Blues

Note: Yup, yet another delayed post. By the way, I'll be out of reach from the 4th till the 31st of July- just holler at me if you happen to be in China or Hong Kong, cos' that's where I'll be. Cheerios.

(Edit - March 2014) Facebook must have redone their linking system, because almost all the image links aren't working. I'm too lazy to do a contextual Sherlock and guess which photo goes where, so... if you're reading this now, be prepared for some oddness.

Hmm... the water was rather choppy, but this photo still turned out nicely, like the other photos I took from the boat... maybe I should consider a career in marine photography, haha. Back to the point (never mind the fact that I'm just getting started): In line with our newly (relatively) established family tradition, this year's Chinese New Year was spent in Bangkok, Thailand.