Friday, February 28, 2014

Japan 2013: Kobe, Hiroshima, Kyoto

This probably ranks as one of the most random trips I have ever made. Well I suppose the few times I've dropped by at Singapore are more random, but coming from Malaysia, a trip to Singapore doesn't really count for much. That declaration will probably earn me the ire of every single Malaysian who hasn't been to the little island state yet, but it's quite true. Singapore is small enough to not require a plan- there's not much to see that you can't find back in Malaysia anyway. Back on track- my workplace, though nowhere near Japan, is a Japanese run firm- and the Big Boss decreed that a year end long holiday similar to that back home would be nice. Whilst idly browsing through Airasia's website, I noticed that there was, quite conveniently, some sort of promotion going on. After a short discussion as to whether I should snap up the promotional tickets, I entered my card number, clicked 'confirm payment', and then sat at the computer thinking "OK, so what am I going to do now?" Oh dear.

Note: I made an editorial decision to split this trip into two posts, the second to be titled "Japan 2014 something". There are many reasons for this, one being to sidestep any incongruity in the titling, since my stay there stretched until '14, the other being that it's already the first day of March and I haven't posted anything since December last year. So look forward to more procrastination on the continuation of this post.