Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marginally (well mostly) unrelated title: Would you bite down on a rancid steak just to see what happens?

"You don't expect me to fall for that, do you?" (Image Credit: ufotable)
I don't normally post personal stuff here, besides travelogues and random untraceable thoughts, but this one was too good to pass up. Good, in this case, being relative- it's good (for myself) because I didn't make any foolish moves, though if you're looking for an epic tale of betrayal, revenge, and last minute weapon upgrades- you'd be better off reading a random page on Uncyclopedia. At the very least, this post should be more entertaining than the Wikipedia article on lichen- unless of course you happen to be a budding ethnolichenologist.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CNY 2015, Denmark & Sweden: Herring is Evil, and Danish Curry is a Lie (Part 1)

We'd run into trouble before even getting there. First of all I had some reservations about the choice of flights- one that would require us to fly to Singapore first, followed by a 15 hour flight to Copenhagen, with one day lost in the process. I had trouble with the booking itself too- with the bank sending it's the verification password too late to be of any use. One call to customer service rewarded us with a ridiculous response- 'go ask Singapore Airlines', which I rubbished immediately. A second call to someone with more sense got us a more helpful answer- 'we're having some issues with our server, please try again'. It worked this time, but the delay cost us an extra three-k, and we lost our choice of seats. Our choice destination worried me greatly too- Denmark. I'd have preferred to go to France- we initially planned on going  to both countries, but that plan got shelved along the way due to lack of time, even before the terrorist attacks in Paris (Charlie Hebdo, and another shooting elsewhere). Don't get me wrong- I have nothing against Denmark or Danes- it's just that I know next to nothing about Danes. Or did I mean Dutch? No, "Danes" is correct. Isn't that plural? Do you say "she's a Dane", or "she's Danish"? I'll ask one when I meet one.