Saturday, March 29, 2014

Midair Movie Marathon: Four Flights, Seven Movies

Before I get into the meaty series of posts that will be my CNY travelogue for 2014- meaty in that I've decided to split the thing into separate posts for each city/country: Munich (Germany), Vienna and Salzburg (Austria), and Budapest (Hungary), I've decided to do a bitty write-up on the movies I watched en-route to and from Europe. Hopefully this will turn out to be somewhat therapeutic for me, having finished two long, tiring, and ridiculously overdue travelogues for my solo journey across Japan in Dec-Jan (look at my previous posts). In case you're wondering- this isn't going to be much of a review, but mostly just me saying random things about each film, with some light summaries peppered in. Without any further ado, here's the first, after the break.

Japan 2014: Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka

Continuing from where I left off previously- here's day two in Kyoto. I forgot to mention this in the previous post, but last night I did manage to find the famous Pontocho alley, and stumbling past several restaurants which all looked as if they could easily burn a hole through my wallet, I came across a little restaurant with a small takoyaki kitchen at ground level. I had six of the best tasting takoyaki I have ever had: hot, puffy, steaming, creamy little round balls of fluff. Hats off to the chef.