Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sydney 2012, Part 2: Nature Spirits

A freezing morning, and we found ourselves camping outside a supermarket (Woolsworth, probably), opposite what, if my memory is as good as I like to pretend it is, is Sydney's charming town hall. We were waiting for our tour bus for our day trip to the Blue Mountains- at one point we actually took shelter from the cold by going into Woolsworth- chilly inside, but still comparatively warmer... especially for me, clad only in a pair of jeans and a light summer shirt.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wheel of Fortune / 運命の輪



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sydney 2012, Part 1:Heart in the Sky, Fish on a Plate

Well I suppose I have to start somewhere. I've put off writing this for way too long, now- about a month has passed since my trip to Sydney. Too many other things have popped up- idiotic statements against which I just had to rant on, contests, movies, and maintaining a healthy level of pessimism; all of which can really be compressed in one word: procrastination, which is odd, really, since by composing rather long posts recently I've actually been pretty productive, which is a word you'll rarely see me applying to myself.

Sydney, Australia, was chosen for our trip this August, for no particular reason worth remembering. Melbourne was in the running, but lost out- which might infuriate Melbournians given their alleged rivalry with Sydney-siders for the title of most popular city in Australia. That being said I can safely say that most of us actually preferred laid-back Perth- I guess if I'm going to anger one camp I might as well anger the other side as well, to be fair.