Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cambodia (Siem Reap) 2013: Jolieing in the 51st State

A trip to Cambodia practically dropped out of nowhere. To be more precise, my usual sponsors had time off and wanted to go, but only if I was available to join in and provide logistical and organizational support. My workplace happened to be closed as well, and after weighing the options: staying at home to rot in bed, or a chance to knock off another country off of my travel list, I chose the latter without much thought. If you're a literary as well as statistical type, you may be asking hey now, shouldn't that be afterthought, and not thought?" In a scenario such as this one afterthought is more common, or so I imagine. Afterthoughts wouldn't be accurate here though, since I have now just remembered that I decided to go along with it, and justified the decision after.