Wednesday, December 28, 2011

European Union Film Festival 2011: Of Dictators and Adultery

EUFF 2011
Truth be told, I wasn't expecting this one at all, given the current economic trouble the EU is in. As such, the announcement of the second ever European Union Film Festival (That I've been to- apparently it's the 12th, though I've heard nothing of previous ones) was a pleasant surprise.

The last time I attended the festival  I pretty much went bonkers and tried to go to as many movies as possible- I went for three in one day- burning myself out in the process. I controlled myself better this year- no doubt with help from a healthy dose of sloth, and went for two movies over a period of two weeks.

Friday, December 23, 2011

OL Chronicles… You wish! aka 仕事は迷惑電話を掛ける事ですよ~

I was going to translate this into English but work has made me lazier than ever.In any case this post is about my first week at work.If you still want to read it, you can always run it through Google Translate… It'll probably be a lot more entertaining (Not to mention nonsensical).


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Japanese Film Festival 2011: Happy Flight

Happy Flight
Oh dear. What a movie. 102 minutes of advertising- and it still manages to be good. Advertising, yes. As in commercial, CM, or whatever name you know it by. The ideal length for a TV commercial- for me, at least, is 30 seconds. At 102 minutes this one multiplies that figure by 204 times- but I'd still recommend it. Happy Flight was backed by All Nippon Airways, and is basically a movie about how an airport runs, focusing on three major components: the pilots, cabin crew, and ground crew. Just imagine a movie about the oil industry being sponsored by, say, Exxon-Mobil. You get the picture.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Blues in Skyrim

Dohvaakin: "Remember Omerta. Don't you dare tell the wife."
Ah, Skyrim. Who would have known that the stuck-in-my-computer fantasy land of Skyrim would have forced me to confront one of the most befuddling questions a man would ever have to scratch his head over- that is, which charming maiden should I marry- a question which thankfully I have yet no reason to worry over in real life, nor will I ever have to worry about given my lousy track record and groan-inducing fussiness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Slightly Spicy Balls, Tiresome Acquisitions, and Face-Cake Coordination

Slightly spicy balls. Best way to start a post.
Nine balls to be split between two guys. They were spicier the last time I had them- or my taste-buds have rotted. Putting shared balls and guys in the same sentence isn't exemplary sentence structuring, not in terms of grammar, but more of gutter nuance.

In any case it was shared with a pal from school days whom I hadn't met in years. It's funny how you'd like to meet someone when they're not available, but when they're there, you get lazy to meet them... at least that's how I felt. Heh.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Berth in Perth, 2011

It's quite noticeable.
On hearing alert signal (beep...beep...beep) JUST RUN. Sound advice from a semi-civic conscious vandal. No, you don't have to run away from Perth Airport, and not this post either- notwithstanding the tragically blurred photos. This will likely be my last travelogue for some time (unless halfway through I decide that it's become too long for one post and split it into two), since I've just graduated from college and have to, sigh, 'focus on my future' (not my words). Bah.

Another thing- my sister extracted the photos from the camera before I could get to it and stuck everything into individual folders- 'food', etc. So now I can't tell what date each photo was taken on and it's a blistering mess which I'm too lazy to sort out. Bah again.