Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life, the Universe and Yakumo

Tsukamoto Yakumo from School Rumble, pretty much my favorite character from the series. She's here today to salve the broken hearts of those who tried to visit this site only to find it missing- some problems with the server, I think. Anyway, though this post is categorized under 'Art', it isn't by me, nor is the following picture, which was painted by my sister- I ran the above picture through Sumo Paint to remove the colors and she repainted it:

In case you still haven't noticed, I stole the idea for the title from Douglas Adam's wonderful book 'Life, the Universe and Everything', so although I can't (and won't) give you a description of the universe, I can at least vomit out an anecdote (quoting myself) on life, sort of- a Facebook note which I intended as a status update, but was just too long for the system:
Just remembered a motivational session back in high school, when we had one activity where we had to submit (anonymously) questions to the moderators on a little slip of paper. Out of curiosity, I wrote, 'what is the meaning of life?' The guy who picked it up looked at it, his shoulders drooped, then arched back up, and he looked at us, and said 'this is a really pointless question', or something like that.

I was puzzled at the time, but now I realize that I should probably have been in a conference on evolution or some other lofty ecumenical topic, and in any case he probably didn't have an answer but having to give one anyway, just gave a rather round-about 'shut up'.

I notice too that this post is way too long for twitter, which totally justifies my ignoring Twitter, and that even so, this post is way too long for a Facebook status post. Then again, if you, a Facebook user given to posting pointless posts like "I had pie for breakfast:D" read this in its entirety, I have to say, I am duly impressed (not to mention highly amused).

p.s. It's pretty obvious that I meant this to be used a status post. Facebook ruined my plan when I clicked 'post' with the message that "Your status update is too long. The maximum status length is 420 characters, but it is 1048 characters long." So much for my last few sentences, confound it.


  1. Hey, this is unrelated, but I thought you might like to know:

  2. No problem, and thanks for the notice:)