Monday, January 31, 2011

Singapore 2010

Note: All photo links are dead. If I say that I'm too lazy to replace them in Yoda-speak, would you let this slide? "Lazy be I. On you read, go somewhere else if no like." That worked, right?

The above picture doesn't say much about this post- and you should take it as a warning- that for once, I don't intend to be long-winded. Much of this post will be made up of photos, with little bits of text here and there. If that doesn't make much sense, it's because I couldn't decide which photo to use and finally chose one that says pretty much nothing. Unless you find a red teacup dreadfully symbolic.

Midnight flight (cheapest one available), hence the darkness. Sure looks like lava, no? Only thing missing is the volcano.

Found in my hotel room.You drink the tea, then knock yourself out with the liquor in order to stop thinking how stupid you were to pay so much for a cheap teabag that probably cost no more than a dollar.

Singapore's main nightlife district. The more upscale one, at least. Found a lovely 2nd hand Japanese book shop in the area- got myself some manga:)

Actually, I'd rather not.

I'm addicted. Yingyong- it's a mix of coffee and tea. Somehow the one I had in Hong Kong just seems to taste better...

Most of it, at least. I got hungry:3

I'll betcha my 50th anniversary edition of 'Fellowship of the Ring' that the architect of this building loved Tolkien.

Not just now. We didn't come to see it anyway.

Item one on the agenda after lunch: the Singapore Flyer. Basically an over-sized ferris wheel.

Close by, a building with a top that looked like a banana. Or a boat, if you like. Turned out that would be where we would be staying the following night- wasn't aware just then.

It moved so slowly we thought it wasn't open.

Yea, they run on feet power. The white car's driver was much too heavy, as should be obvious.

I wonder if friction at high-speeds would cause this one to burn up...

Pretty solid capsule. Not much chance of re-enacting that insane scened from 'NHK ni Youkoso' where the protagonist kicks the door open and tries to step out...

The ladder sure looks fun. A lot more fun than sitting in a capsule moving at the speed of a lobotomized mule.

Spokes. Spooks. Spokes.

You can see some of the racetrack from above.

I like the Malay warning- 'tiada jalan keluar'. In other words, there is no way out. No matter what.

Dinner at Kuishinbou, a Japanese restaurant. It means 'glutton'. We went for the buffet.

Lobster. First time having it. Like crab, only better.

Inari sushi, I <3.

There's no beating grilled salmon.

I wouldn't mind taking a dip myself.

No, just electronic kite thingamajigs.

Preparing to make a Paris Hilton-esque home video. Not.'re too fussy to be true. Hire someone to bathe you instead. squeezing.

Now if only the cup was as wide as the saucer.

Like the potatoes.

Next stop, after checking in at our second hotel- Universal Studios.

Not the fence separating Palestine from Israel, but still quite formidable.

Otherwise known as 'la cha'.

He ain't heavy, he's mah brotha~

The stuff of nightmares. Ready, aim, fire...

A different country altogether. Compressed, condensed, and heavily diluted.

A nice street to wander into- except for the fact that it leads nowhere.

With an intro by Steven Spielberg. Or was it James Cameron?

Good to be indoors, no?

Actually, no.

So Cylons run on Panasonic batteries. Maybe the Battlestar Galactica runs on Energizer...

Took a wrong turn and ended up outside Sunway Pyramid. Inside joke- never mind.

What a poser.

If you feel like getting chomped on.

And you're the fuel.

No biting, Rex.

Where ogres and princesses dawdle away.

Aren't you in the wrong theme park, Cinderella?

In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was PINK. Lame, I know...

This one dressed a lot more raunchily back in the BCs. So much for modernization.

Anyone watch that movie where the cruise ship rams into a seaside town?

Yeah, none of these photos were clear. Take it or leave it.

I want a better camera.

It's good for health.

Same goes for being brief, heh. Don't expect this to last for long, though.

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