Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Slightly Spicy Balls, Tiresome Acquisitions, and Face-Cake Coordination

Slightly spicy balls. Best way to start a post.
Nine balls to be split between two guys. They were spicier the last time I had them- or my taste-buds have rotted. Putting shared balls and guys in the same sentence isn't exemplary sentence structuring, not in terms of grammar, but more of gutter nuance.

In any case it was shared with a pal from school days whom I hadn't met in years. It's funny how you'd like to meet someone when they're not available, but when they're there, you get lazy to meet them... at least that's how I felt. Heh.

In any case I dragged him along with me to do some shopping for some office attire after lunch- briyani- or bariyani rice, spell it however you like. He did the smart thing by running  away when I switched to shopping for a birthday gift for a girl.

Wandered into Royal Selangor Pewter, where I was attended to by a helpful salesgirl- gave suggestions, and followed around without being annoying. The only problem was that everything cost more than I could afford, and the cheaper ones didn't really appeal to me.

Settled on getting a pair of shoes, since she'd asked for one before. Never again. I take forever buying shoes for myself, and this was no exception. Too cheap; boring looking; too pricey; (Here's a good one) ugly soles; and so on. Finally settled on a pair of denim flats. The shop assistant actually asked me 'would you like to try it on?' when I asked for a size 4. Sigh. -facepalm-
Portioning problems.
Walked to college in the rain from the monorail station, where I met the birthday girls (Yes, two of them). and a few others. One said I put on weight. Meanie. That's it, I'm going on a diet now. Well, uh, starting tomorrow. Paprika Chicken Chop or whatever it was called at Reggae Bar. It was good, although the chicken fillet was too small, and they didn't give me enough fries.

The corn provided a memorable moment when one birthday girl walked over to me munching on her corn, allowing me to act like a dignified upper-crust gentleman by indignantly saying "why are you being so uncouth, walking around gnawing on your corn?" Good thing she didn't choke. For the record I discovered a most graceful way of eating corn, by scraping the bits off with a knife.

I missed most of the craziness due to being seated far from the action (No thanks to added tables), and some Japanese guys who were intrigued by all the uncivilized whooping and horrible singing (Thankfully limited to birthday songs). In any case the craziness was mostly in regards to one birthday girl having to perform tasks to 'earn' her presents- cake bashing included. Karma. The other birthday girl got hers without any trouble, which I think was rather unfair, but I wasn't the organizer so it really wasn't my problem to worry about.

The party ended with the smaller birthday girl voluntarily suffocating herself by providing hugs to pretty much everyone who turned up. That's democracy for you.
Where I am? Not in the picture.
Gah. Re-saving in MS Paint causes photo quality to drop for this new Sony camera I'm using. Love the panoramic feature. Check out the Blue Shirt Dude's hand disappearing- it entered a black hole- ah, scratch that, that didn't sound right- No-Go zone. Only problem is that unless I get a self-rotating tripod I'll be left out of these photos. Oh wait, I'm not in most of the other ones anyway. Bah.

This was taken during a second session after the initial party with a significantly reduced group. Drove off to some odd place deep in Petaling Jaya. Lesson learned tonight. Alcohol really does cause some people to act oddly. Work the next morning (Monday)- way to go, daredevil. Left sometime past midnight, and reached home around 1. Miraculously sober and (Relatively) energetic the next day.
Me at last.
Oh wait, so there was a photo of me... and I wasn't even looking at the camera. Bah. How many times have I typed that in this post? Oh well. Bah.

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