Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Bashing: T-Bowl Toilet Concept Restaurant (Emphasis on the Bashing)

Poop on the wall. It's also what they think about the food they're eating.
What better way to start the new year than with a little bashing. I don't really know what to say, really, since the place was so bad, but here goes. Dinner at 'T-Bowl Toilet Concept Restaurant'. The name itself is long-winded and rather pretentious. I think it was brought over from Taiwan- in any case, their theme is focused around the loo. Chairs (most of them, at any rate) are actual toilet bowls, there's poop (images of) on the walls, and they have ice cream shaped like poop.

Cheese baked rice.
Ah well. All that would have been forgivable (in fact, capable of being ignored) if the food were any good. This here's Cheese Baked Rice. It's a pretty standard dish in most Hong Kongese style Char Chan Tengs. I pinched a little, and it was just alright. Nothing to shout about, though I don't think they gave enough meat. And what's with all that cheese all over the place? Note that the bowl's placed in a mini toilet bowl. Regardless of what it does for ambiance, eating's a lot harder with your food so high up.
Twice cooked pork Kamameshi. I don't know what they mean by twice cooked. "We didn't cook it long enough on the first run, so we had to cook it again? Don't worry, you won't be able to tell the difference' is what I imagine the chef would say, and I think he/she'd be right. Morsels of  meat, steamed veggies, and a deep pot of plain rice. Hmm.
Chicken Kamameshi. What does Kamameshi mean, anyway? Oh. Wiki says it's Japanese for 'kettle rice'. Oh well. There simply isn't enough goodies (not all that good, so that's an euphemism) to go with all the rice. More sauce please. Oh wait, there isn't any? Plain rice all the way then... tsk.
Fancy a bath?
There's a bathtub in the entrance if you feel like jumping in and slitting your wrists to make a statement (i.e. don't eat here). There's no water, though. Summary: Overpriced, unsatisfactory food. The decor and theme is a novelty that won't stick (who would want it to, yecht).
Privacy, please? I'm in the loo.
Before I forget, a picture of the actual bowls. They don't function, so don't let yourself go. In any case, you'd be charged with indecent exposure.

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