Monday, February 6, 2012

The Travails of Cavaliere Ereditario Thumbprint Face (The Honorific is Gratuitous)

Deviantart entry: "I Will Survive"
Well, this picture pretty much sums up my current state of mind. I drew this back when I was still a blissfully tormented student in college. Ah, the joy of limited responsibility. Of being able to play truant or arrive late without the threat of being fired hanging in the air like a guillotine's blade. Not that I did any of that, of course- the thought of not being accountable to anyone probably made me substitute accountability to myself. Now that I'm accountable to someone else (the Company; the omnipresent Society), I feel like ditching at every step. Paradoxical, but that's typical Me.

The man in the picture was supposed to be pictured opening up his guts for all to see the lovely rot on the inside. My limited skills failed me here. The Japanese words on his right pants-leg (Yes, he's wearing pants) are random gloomy words. There's a broken heart on the left, though that doesn't apply to me now. The left leg has turned to wood, rooted to one spot. His face is doomed to be no more than a crying thumbprint due to a passing whim for anonymity. Poor guy. Poor allegory for Everyone. Poor allegory for Me.

I'll be pretty busy now. I'm really glad that I managed to finish off my backlog of travelogues (China-HK, Philippines, Australia). Now I have another massive one on my hands- Turkey. I've done one paragraph, but I honestly have no idea when I'll be able to finish it off. Oh well. I suppose I should write a little every now and then to keep the memory of it fresh, especially since I got lazy and didn't keep a travel diary- never mind my travel diary, my own physical diary's version of the trip is no more than two lines of compressed fake-sentences, with it's entry date listed as 21st-29th January 2012.

Expect a Turkey travelogue sometime in the near future. Expect me to be tired of everything that occupies me at the moment. Expect me to want to break free. Expect me to try to last one whole year at my job. Expect me to fade away from your memories and life as even now, I fade from yours. Expect to look at me and see instead a crying thumbprint. Expect me to, despite everything negative that I say, somehow survive with a vacuous, somewhat painful, seemingly ignorant smile. I will survive, and that's pretty much all that really matters.

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