Monday, May 21, 2012

Petition to the Masses: A free chance to increase your karma points

I suppose I should launch myself into an intense psychological analysis of the words in the picture above, but unfortunately (fortunately?) you won't be able to enjoy peeking inside my head this time. This post is here to satisfy a simpler need- craving, really. I'm in the running- crawling, more like, to win a Sony Vaio laptop.
What does this mean for you? I don't have one of my own, so if I get this one you'll have more chances to confuse yourself by reading my posts- alright, I'm lying. I'll be too busy doing other things. At any rate... time to get down to business:

1) You might need to log in to Facebook first.
2) Go to this site: Sony Vaio.
3) Enter 'Levin' in the search bar on the left.
4) Vote for my entries (all three of them).

And if I win, you may partake of the joy of knowing that you have helped someone win something, while getting absolutely nothing in return. Karma +1. You're one step closer to Nirvana, or whatever gets you going.

Now maybe I should send Obama a petition... I wonder what category this would fall under. Definitely not spam. Arts/Humanities, I suppose?

Update: I posted a petition, but I think they deleted it. Meanies. Karma -1 for them.


  1. O.K.
    I'm the 17th voter on all three!!

    I can use all the Karma I can get ;)