Saturday, January 19, 2013

Filler Post: Horns and Cyclops (RG Aile Strike and Char's Zaku)

Well, now that we're pretty much half-way through the new year, how about another post? Not much text in this one. Here I'll basically show off my latest gunpla builds/purchases, and brag about how I got them at a discounted rate... oh wait, I don't have much left to say. Anyway. Let the pictures do the talking, then?

A little top heavy with the Striker Pack on, but it has the good grace to not fall over, unlike other kits. I'm too stingy to buy a stand for it.
Overall a pretty interesting build. Probably the best looking Real Grade kit for me at the moment, though Justice's backpack was more interesting (to build).
Up next, Char's Zaku. I took the liberty of painting it green- as if Char got demoted for his repeated failures. Which is why you can see some leftover pink on it (I was sloppy on purpose, I tell you- ahem).

There you have it. Short post- what did I tell ya? More words to come in posts that actually deserve more words. In due time. Once I start procrastinating. When I finish the mind-numbing task of researching for a trip to a country I'm not particularly interested in. Once I've had enough sleep...

Oops. Too many words already.

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