Monday, March 4, 2013

Interim Post: In which I wonder what happened to February, and ponder on bits of plastic

So much for my never once verbalized promise to myself for maintaining a consistent blog as a platform from which to launch myself into a sudden unprovoked state of literary acclaim. What ever happened to the month of February? 28 days went by without a single posting. I've been lazy, albeit with good reason...

To make up for that laziness, I'm making this a double post. Not the type you're used to seeing in buggy forums or the occasionally messed up Facebook Chat, but two posts in one: in which I talk about random stuff and kill off the gunpla reviews I've meant to do but never got around to doing. Which makes the photos here totally relevant. I swear it wasn't an afterthought. Well it was premeditated, if that makes it any better.

As for the pic up there: the MG Delta Plus, the third Master Grade I've built. Nice to look at, horrible to pose. The grey makes cleaning nub marks a pain (I wasn't in the mood to do it properly). Worst of all, it keeps falling down... but it's still a pretty impressive sight. Even when it's bending forwards under it's own weight.
So, just what happened in February? Mostly CNY and the planning that went with it- for our big trip to South Korea. Researching places to go and things to do made life a living hell. Nothing really stood out for me. Apart from that, there was also Skyrim's DLC, 'Dawnguard', which I finally got around to playing with. I fell in love (figuratively) with Serana, but the buggy game prevented me from marrying her. She wouldn't even talk to me. Go figure.

Now we have the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword, my second Master Grade. Big guns and big blades. In a fit of stupidity I bought a few batteries to use with the free LEDs... I installed and tried them once, but never touched them afterwards. As for my reason for getting this version of the 00 instead of the more well-known (anime wise) 00 Raiser? I don't like having the blasted bird stuck on it's back.
Interestingly, February's an interesting month for Malaysia (where I live), since sometime around the end of the month, a mini invasion by Filipino gunmen took place (they're exchanging potshots now, with several dead on both sides). I'm not particularly interested in the historical and verbal debate on the issue (ownership of Sabah), but what really riles me up are comments in the vein of "if I were the Minister of Defence I'd bomb the lot of them", conveniently forgetting that they've occupied a village. Which in most cases would have occupants. Your 'fellow citizens'. And you'd bomb the lot of 'em. Jolly good. When the dust has settled, you'd be prime candidate for PM (sarcasm, for those of you too daft to tell).

Finally, the first MG I built, purchased in Hong Kong at the ACGHK 2010(?). Most memorable for leading to the occasion when I charmed the socks of two lovely airport attendants into ignoring a carry-on luggage limitation rule with a big smile (not to forget vigorously spinning the plastic bag it was in on one finger) and a brief appeal to reason. Back on point- the Strike Noir. A solid build which first impressed on me how different building a MG is compared to smaller and less detailed HG kits.

So what's next for March? I don't think I'll be able to post a Seoul travelogue anytime soon- seeing as how I'm nowhere near finished uploading all the photos to Facebook (around 600 in all). Maybe I'll clear up my anime review backlog... though I'm tempted to get finish of Skyrim's newest DLC, Dragonborn. Hooboy. So long to any productivity in March.

More MG pics here.

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