Friday, May 3, 2013

RG: Gundam Mk2, Titans Version (and some random, inconsequential statements)

Filler post while I do anything but type out the continuation of my Seoul travelogue. Recently I came close to getting a free trip to Hong Kong, but ducked out for reasons I will not elaborate. Had it gone through, I would have gained the license to make use of the self-defeating Malaysian joke (really just disguised desire) "I took a flight to Hong Kong just to yamcha/for breakfast, and came back after that". I didn't though, and as such escaped having to come up with yet another travel post.

Thou shall not pass. All this somehow led to this post, which stemmed from my purchase of the RG Gundam Mk 2 (Titans Version), as a sort of balm for not jetting off overseas. I wasn't particularly excited about this kit, but I must say it turned out pretty well. Unpainted, with signs of my sloppy craftsmanship everywhere, it still looks pretty good. I'm particularly pleased with the head vulcans, for some reason. The ankle guards were quite solid too, compared to previous RGs that I've made. The only annoying part about this kit would be the mesh cables- though I probably made things difficult for myself by cutting it with a nail clipper.
Ahem. Moving on- well there's not much to move on to, really. I'm not particularly pleased with the camera on this new phone of mine though- looks like a a software update is in store, Sony.

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