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CNY 2015, Denmark & Sweden: Herring is Evil, and Danish Curry is a Lie (Part 2)

Well I'm lost. Where was I now? Somewhere in Sweden. Nowhere near Ikea, though signs of their influence could be seen everywhere. When was this? Not something I should ask now, should I? The skin-level answer is late February, 2015. The true answer to that question, though, is "it's been two months since then so you had better wrap this up without wasting too much time on pointless drivel trying to distract whoever is reading this from realizing that this post is really really late..." Where was I again? Oh yes, Day 5. Let's get this wrapped up before May, then. Time for some closure. Continuing with the random heart motif from Part 1:

♥Day 5: Måndag, 23rd February♥
  • Well this is embarrassing. To myself, at least- not that anyone else would realize. I actually went and typed out Day 6 as Day 5 before realizing that something was missing. Ah well.
  • Once we arrived in Malmö we made a beeline for our hotel. It was rather easy to find, being on the main shopping street. Check in was quick and smooth, despite us getting there before check in time. Probably because it's low season.
  • First stop- Malmö Castle. There's not that much of the castle to see, and it really isn't an architecturally impressive castle. The castle was squarish and low, and protected by multiple layers of dog and duck crap.Inside- a fairly impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, furniture, and other old stuff.
  • Up next, the Teknikens Och Sjöfartens Hus På Malmö Museer- which probably translates to Technical Museum. Entrance is 'free' if you've already bought tickets for the castle. Quite a lot to see here- more old stuff, mainly technical in nature (of course). Old home appliances and furniture, gasoline pumps, cars, hippie vans and other stuff
  • There was an interesting floor with some science related exhibits, but the highlight of the place is the decommissioned submarine. It just so happened that the actual cold war era crew happened to be on duty, giving visitors a tour of the boat. Turned out that one of them had been to Malaysia before- on a sales mission (though they eventually lost out to the French Scorpène) for Saab. My first response on hearing Saab: "Eh, the car maker?" 
  • Dinner. Not immediately, of course, but after a walk here and there trying to decide where to eat. They'd initially settled on an Indian restaurant, which only opened at 5pm, so I led them around in an effort to find somewhere more appealing. A few of the places I'd bookmarked turned out to be ridiculously expensive. We got back to the Indian restaurant at 4.58pm, and loitered around for a bit. At 5pm the waiter inside chose to ignore us and didn't bother to open the door. Fed-up, I walked off- and happily enough the others soon followed, though one of us lingered behind to look through the glass door pleadingly. When we far rather far off the waiter finally came back and opened the door, and tried to call us back- I wouldn't have responded even if he tried to offer us free desserts.
  • Rain influenced our final decision. We headed for the first reasonable looking restaurant which had fish on the menu (since the majority aren't fans of chicken or red meat). Restaurang Myteri. It turned out to be a pretty good choice. Their menus were a nice touch- each one used a different Tintin comic cover. Similar contents, though. We only ordered 3 items- the catch of the day (grilled fish), fish soup, and scallops. No complaints, and we even ordered extra scallops. I'd recommend this place to anyone who asks. 

♥Day 6: Tisdag, 24th February♥
  • Time for a day trip. Everyone who goes to Malmö goes to Lund. The same for us. A short train ride- some 30~40 minutes and there we were.
  • Sister nearly picked up a pair of shoes worth a thousand something- she stopped when I converted krona to ringgit. The shopkeeper was probably staring daggers at me when we walked out.
  • We sought refuge in Lund Cathedral. It's quite nice to look at from outside, but really doesn't look like much from the inside. It's quiet and peaceful though- good for a rest on the pews. Some of them fell asleep. Luckily enough there was no snoring to be heard. 
  • There was a fancy and over-complicated 'astronomical clock'. A priest? Priestess? Gave a short explanation a few moments before the clock started it's show- it's  really just a massive cuckoo clock.
  • I walked around and outside while they slept- and saw a sign saying 'service in progress, no sight-seeing, please', or something to that effect. Ah... A bit late for that.
  • Next highlight- S:t Drottens Kyrkoruin. Rather hard to find due to the lack of signage- but probably justifiable what with how dull the place is. It's just the underground ruins of the foundation of an old church. At least it's free.
  • Time for lunch. Not everyone was hungry, but I insisted. We made our way for Mårtenstorget, which turned out to be a rather nicely done up market-hall with a few restaurants. My target- Malmstens Fisk & Kök. Grilled fish- and their signature dish, the fish soup. No complaints, and no regrets for going there either. We literally ate the grilled fish off of their menu.
  • A long walk around town, bouncing along from souvenir shops, a library, and finally an uninspiring supermarket, before heading back to Malmö. Dinner at Möllevångstorget- a highly recommended place to eat out, but it turned out to be a simple square with 'international' restaurants surrounding it. We ended up at an Indian place. The waiter's brother turned out to be a Malayalam guy (who thought Malayalam = Malay), and had a brother studying in a college somewhere in KL. He asked if we knew it- I had no idea if the college was real or not (too many colleges in KL), but I couldn't tell him if his brother is really studying somewhere or slacking off in a pachinko parlor. Anyway- I digress. The food was average.

♥Day 7: Onsdag, 25th February♥
  • Here we are at last. Our last full day in Copenhagen (we left Sweden in the morning).
  • First stop as usual- our hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport Hotel. Quite a mouthful. I chose it due to it's proximity to the airport, which would make tomorrow's departure less of a chore, and also because we'd stayed in the same chain in Vienna, so I figured it should be up to standard. It was, but not enough- no electric kettle in two of our rooms. Staff were friendly and helpful though, and check-in was fast as usual.
  • We had some trouble with our '10 clip' ticket- the machine pretty much destroyed our ticket after a few clips. One passerby- a foreign student stopped and advised us to just get on the train. "If anyone stops you, just pretend you don't speak English. Wachow! Kungfu!". Eh. A local gave more sensible (if less amusing) advice later on. "Just get on the train, and if you see a warden on board, explain to them first- don't wait for them to come to you. Get off at the next station and try the next machine too."
  • Anyhow- we made it to our first destination, Frederiksberg Have.I'd actually wanted to go to Frederiksborg Slot (a large castle in the North), but it was a 3 hour train trip away- not enough time for that, what with early closing hours in Winter. It was a large park with- well, lots of green. I guess Winter was making its way out. You'll have to excuse me for not being very descriptive here. All I can say is that the trees here, even without leaves, look more impressive than those back home.
  • Next to the park was a zoo- though we didn't bother going in. We did see an ostrich from the outside though. Or was it a camel?
  • A long walk to our next destination- since it was nearby (relatively), the Visit Carlsberg facility. Not very large, but still interesting enough, with a large collection of bottles, statues, period vehicles, and even a stable with a few massive horses. The ticket came with two vouchers for free beer (or mineral water/soft drinks). We actually came across a discarded voucher and got extra drinks with it...
  • Next stop- a rather early dinner (we'd missed lunch) at local favorite Mother. They don't really like pizza (I consider that sacrilegious). The food was good- we ordered 3 or 4 sourdough pizzas, and two beef curries (I forgot what it's called, but that's what it looks like).
  • My room number was 444- we spent some time that night amusing ourselves by imagining horrible happenings in a locked room. Nothing supernatural happened, unfortunately, though an episode of QI (Quite Interesting) was playing on TV and kept us entertained for a bit.

    ♥Day 8: Torsdag, 26th February♥
    • Our last day. Shopping at the airport before our flight. Surely you don't need me to say anything about something as straightforward and dull as that.

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