Sunday, October 21, 2012

First shot at Real Grade Gunpla: Freedom and Justice, the Yaoi Duo

I had an urge to build something, and sadly that naturally equated to me having to spend my cash. This random need resulted in the above- my first attempt at the Real Grade (RG) line of gunpla kits. I originally planned to just get the RG Justice (the red one), but Mr. OCD decided to drop by and say hello, so I got the RG Freedom as well. The two pilots are in a permanent bromance anyway, it would have been a shame to get one and not the other.
First to be built, the Freedom. There's not much difference between it and it's upgrade, the Strike Freedom, except that it has a lot more guns. That being said, despite my shoddy workmanship it looks like a Caravaggio compared to my High Grade Strike Freedom- shows just how much the engineering has improved over the years, I guess.
The Freedom's signature pose. The Gachapon head seems a little out of proportion- though it felt perfect on the HG Strike Freedom, which is odd given that they're about the same size.
With all guns out. The butt of the skirt guns (I'm sure there's a better word than butt, but I'm not in a thinking mood right now) looks rather odd. I like the foil stickers on the wing- the rest though, were a pain to apply. I'm lazy like that- I'm all for the building, but everything else...
Close up shot. These stickers look horrible for some reason. Maybe they're just sulking because I forgot to apply them before moving on to the Justice.
And now for the Justice. Oddly enough, the head looks better here. My main motive for getting this kit- to build the Fatum backpack attachment- which she's standing on right now. Not something you'd do to your own backpacks, but then again most backpacks don't fly.
With the backpack (and original head) on this time. The backpack gives it a crazy wingspan, but also robs it of the ability to stand. I'm balancing it on the boxes here, but it actually comes with a stick to prop it up.
Up close. He's dying to say something. He would if he had a mouth to talk out off instead of a monochin. He's probably saying, 'this thing is heavy, get it off of me', or 'why are you referring to me as 'he'?'

And that's the end of my short post. Chalk it up to extreme laziness.

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