Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year in Review (Or a collection of Facebook quotes)

Credit: Carina (Xiaowoo)
There's no better way to start a new year than by dumping out an easy to churn 'year in review' post. Though I don't celebrate New Year (amongst many other typical celebrations), I suppose a little ceremony now and then couldn't hurt- an annual summary to bury the previous year would be just nice. Without further ado...

January 5th  - I started a little flame war online by combining faces of friends with random images. Highly amusing stuff.

January 23rd - Sometime around the 23rd, at least. We hit Turkey- to be precise, Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Uludag for Chinese New Year. All in all a pretty enjoyable trip.

February 20th - I had a nasty accident at home which resulted in a broken teak bench, a gash on my forehead, and lots of blood. This incident reinforced how little I care about my personal safety when I surveyed the scene and found it all rather amusing.

March 24th - Sometime in March, the Japan Club had a little charity book sale with proceeds going to the victims of the Great Eastern Earthquake. Managed to get a satisfactory haul of manga for low prices. Also experienced my first flat tire on the way.

April 1st - Free Frappucino at Starbucks for Earth Hour.

April 20th - My 23rd birthday. Stayed at home clicking 'like' on Facebook birthday wishes. Most eventful, I know.

April 22nd - Pulled off a Matrix move in my bedroom to avoid a nasty flying cockroach. Would have been better if I could have swatted it as it flew over my head.

April 26th - Ordered a Fillet O'Fish at McD and they gave me one with half a slice of cheese.

April 28th - The day of the Bersih 3.0 rally in KL. I was invited but decided not to go. I value my weekends more than political demonstration.

May 26th - The only highlight of the PC Expo: Samsung misspelling 'Solid State Drive' as 'Solid Slate Drive'. On the other hand, if that's not a typo, I want one.

May 28th - Dreamed that I was in a Korean drama. Not sure if  I was the princess, her suitor, or the snarky narrator.

June 13th - Asked this on the phone at work: "Can I speak to Miss or Mister..." Now I see which prefix takes priority. A discussion about this on Facebook led to comments about punctuation, exchanging dresses and curtsying, and denigrating China as the land of pimps.

June 14th - The day on which I discovered the joy of frozen yogurt.

June 23rd - A trip to Genting Highlands with some friends, which oddly enough turned out to be rather boring.

June 28th - Had a funny nightmare (go figure) and woke up screaming at 3.30am.

July 2nd - Epiphany: To all the violent feminists out there, castration isn't the solution for rapists and molesters. SMification is.

July 22nd - Watched Benjamin Button and came to the realisation that we are all time machines- just without much control in terms of direction.

July 24th - Just noticed that 'therapist' is made up of 'the' and 'rapist'. Which actually isn't odd at all given that they touch you in places you normally place off limit to anyone other than yourself.

July 27th - Stupidawesome thought of the day: know why 'immigrate' and 'emigrate' have 'grate' in them? Because the process involves filtration of crap, and generally speaking once you're in they don't like you anyway.

August 3rd - A short trip to Penang with some friends in which I impressed upon everyone just how amusingly vicious my tongue can be. They'll need patience to learn to love me.

August 18th - A short trip to Sydney. A large group, which made for a lot of stress for me.

September 3rd - My response to a new (?) meme floating around the internet garbage heap:
Fallacy: Why is it when your wife is pregnant all her friends rub her belly and say 'congratulations', but nobody rubs your dick and says 'good job!'
Truth: They are attempting to pat her uterus/womb (specifically, the baby in it). They do not pat her vagina. In any case, if you really want to be praised/molested, perhaps you'd enjoy a case of testicular asphyxiation?

September 4th - Unexpectedly aced the JLPT-N2. Now I feel bad for all the poor sods studying seriously outside the exam hall while I enjoyed my music.

September 13th - Waiting for a pot of water to boil. Idly thought, what is the boiling point of blood? If blood boils, does it give off steam? Would it be red? Is steam capable of having colour? If kettles whistle, would blood containers (organics) whistle? And so on. Conclusion: Nothing of any use is taught in school.

September 15th - The Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) movie should be made compulsory viewing for all law students.

September 20th - Misread 'UK deports Tamils to Sri Lanka' as 'UK donates Tamils to Sri Lanka'.

September 23rd - Picked up several books from Kinokuniya for RM1 each. Pretty unexpected haul.

September 28th - Disappointed. My new shampoo doesn't have a nice scent. Lesson learnt: always sniff before paying.

September 30th - Taking too long to sweat in the sauna? No problem. Do some push-ups.

September 30th - Question: why wear a white dress with a semi-exposed lace back, only to ruin the effect by showing off your bra strap? At least it was white.

October 4th - So it seems that some people think I have a girlfriend, and her name is Tiffany (inside joke).

October 17th -"The country you are dialing into is currently busy"...... whaaaat?!

October 22nd - If my dreams are indicative of past lives, then I must have been a Mulan-esque Samurai Maiden in feudal Japan.

October 23rd- Death row hymn:
Bow, bow, bow your throat, 
gently through the noose,
miserably miserably miserably miserably
life is but a *choke*

October 26th - A short and uneventful trip to Semporna and Tawau in Sabah.

November 9th - Love is in the air (blown away shortly after).

November 10th - Test of a man: when you choose not to enter a maid cafe because the maids look like kids.

November 15th - Paradox: denying the impossible does nothing but acknowledge the possibility of the impossibility. On a totally unrelated note, I now realise the importance of carrying an umbrella, and it has nothing to do with protection from the elements.

November 18th - Sherlock (BBC mini-series): unexpectedly good.

November 25th - Bath-time philosophy: So one bubble can become two, but two cannot become one. Rather sad fact.

November 26th - Bath-time philosophy (cont.): So if one bubble can become two, but two cannot become one... the logical inference is that separation is permanent and irreparable. Bubbles. So dense.

December 4th - McDonald's playlist is really weird. Listening to a song about horse-men and global arson.

December 7th - Life of Pi at the cinema. Also my first time trying out the couples seat (but not with my partner- I don't have one).

December 10th - Misspelling of the day: batminton.

December 12th - For the love of... 'mouse clicking' is not a skill, and definitely not one to include in your resume!

December 15th - Watched Peter Jackson's Hobbit. My memory of the book is flawed.

December 21st - Mishearing of the day: "chocolate cinnamon" as "chocolate salmon".

December 24th - Morning insight: only the innately cheerful are capable of withstanding immortality. Gloomy ones require the prospect of death.

December 30th - Misreading of the day: "keperluan harian" as "keperluan haram" (daily necessities as daily illegalities).

December 31st - Absolutely nothing happened. How fun. Tomorrow's just another day (never mind that I'm actually typing this on 1st Jan...)


  1. Starting the year with an online flame war.
    Old School internets!!
    Nice :)

    Been a while since I used my flamethrower.

    1. Better late than never, so happy new year to you!

      Have fun toasting some chumps:)