Monday, December 24, 2012

Sydney 2012, Part 3: Fish, Wax, Sex

Day 3 in Sydney. We left the tired ones to rot in the hostel, and walked to the somewhat near-by Sydney Fish Market- a 'must visit' site according to travel websites. It's said to be the largest in the world, next to Tsukiji in Japan (Did I just make that up? I'm not sure). In any case, it was large, alright... if you count several buildings surrounding a big parking space as large, though all the buildings are dedicated solely to the sale of slimy things from the depths of the ocean. Oh, and french fries.

Regardless of the size of the place, it does have the advantage of being smack dab in a city that's smack dab in the middle of an ocean, without pesky neighboring land masses to block the fishy flow of fresh dinner. The freshness of the seafood is the main draw of this place- and perhaps the price too, though with the exchange rate as it is every cent feels painful (Even if it wasn't my money).
They certainly look a lot better once cooked, at any rate. And what do I have to say about the freshness of the catch? I really have no idea. It definitely tasted better than old seafood- though I have no idea how to tell fresh from old. They say it's all about the texture, the bloodshot eyes, the smell... heathen that I am, I'm just happy that they're edible. And taste rather good. And don't send me straight to the loo.
Chocolateria San Churro for a snack. The Spanish chocolate did seem a little too sweet this time round, though- I don't think they appreciated it. Neither did I, to be fair. Though I must say that hot chocolate tastes a lot nicer on a rainy day and when you're alone (Says the ignorant bachelor).
The highlight of the day: a trip to Madame Tussaud's. I wonder if they'd have kept a smiling Obama if he'd not gotten a second term. Maybe an Obama looking back longingly at the view outside the office as he turns to leave...
Breakfast with Tiffany (Audrey Hepburn)- my favorite shot of the day. This photo will probably stay as my Facebook profile pic for ages to come. Some people even seemed to think I'd gotten a girlfriend (at last). At least she's well sculpted- excuse the lame joke (If you are capable of making the connection, that is).
Dim Sum lunch somewhere in Chinatown. I don't know if it was the timing, but the spread was disappointing. All they had was prawn, prawn, prawn. You'd think that the chef has grudge against shrimp. Dim Sum in Hong Kong, though rather bland, had variety and quality. Dim Sum back home was earthy and warming. Dim Sum in Sydney was just a sad occasion.
After a brief jaunt through Hyde Park and the ANZAC Memorial, we wound up in the rather unobtrusive Hyde Park Barracks- a little museum showcasing the lives of prisoners in Sydney centuries (?) ago. They led rather comfortable lives, it seems.
With time on the clock running short, we managed to squeeze in a quick run through the gorgeous Queen Victoria Building. I have no idea what it was before, but now it's been converted into a shopping mall selling pricey and rather dull items.
A walk through the Botanical Gardens led us to the front of the Opera House. We tried to check if they had any shows going on, but everything was sold out (cursed artsy-fartsies). We ended up in the gift shop instead. We almost had dinner in a fancy restaurant inside the Opera House, but backed out due to indecisiveness.
Unsure where else to go, we ended up in King's Cross, Sydney's red light district. The change was apparent immediately- an aborigine girl was being given a shake down by a group of cops as we exited the subway. Gambling parlors, 'adult boutiques', pubs... definitely not a family place- even the Simpsons wouldn't set foot there (Not with the ladies, at any rate). I wasn't too about going there, but apparently with no idea of where else to go, any suggestion was better than nothing- and that's how we made a name for ourselves' for being the most unlikely sight ever to grace the seedy streets of King's Cross. Nuff' said.

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