Friday, April 6, 2012

Day of the Monocorn

Well, look who's in trouble now.Unbelievably thin (possible anorexic?) girl in a red plugsuit, with a big gun pointed to her head. Just what did you do to get yourself into this mess, Asuka? Slap Shinji around too hard? Did the wimpy kid finally snap? ...well, that's enough of the Evangelion references for now, I believe. On to the review (if you can call it that) of the HGUC 1:144 Unicorn Gundam.
Here's the line-art for the Unicorn Gundam. I had big plans for this guy- first I thought of painting it green, simply because I had a can of green spray paint. Then I watched episode 3 of Gundam Unicorn (yes, the title is the other way round), where the Unicorn fell through the atmosphere... and thought, well, why not mutilate the thing by applying a flamethrower to it? Hmm. To work, then.
Here's the finished product standing tall. Tall is rather misleading, as the Unicorn is tiny compared to other main mechs in the series, such as the Sinanju... and let's not even mention the Kshatriya. Anyway it's got a nice solid feel to it, though I'm constantly worried that the pointy horn will break off some day.
Pulling off a kick. Either that or it's in the middle of an overly exuberant Cossack dance. One thing I don't like about this kit- the feet can't bend backwards very far due to the leg armor plating getting in the way, which effectively rules out tiptoeing.
It's only armaments (not counting the beam sabers) are the beam bazooka and the shield, which can be mounted on the back and spun like rotor blades on a helicopter. Well, it does spin. Slowly, at least.
'Whatcha looking at' pose.The big gun, like the shield, can also be mounted on the backpack, though annoyingly this necessitates the removal of the gun's magazine- which is now mounted on the reverse skirt armor.
A closer view of the back with the gun strapped on. Given the size of that thing, if the pilot fired it from that position while standing on terra firma, the mech would probably have fallen flat on it's face from the recoil.
 What a poser. This is the best I could pull off without a base to hold the thing up in the air. Not too bad, I suppose.
Up close. As you can see, I was too lazy to do the panel lining properly. Still looks pretty good though. Anyway, why bother with panel lining when I'm going to melt it anyway?
To protest against it's impending mutilation at it's own creator's hands, the Unicorn grew a fairly human-like head. That's Tsukasa from Lucky Star. The smile's really not helping to win my sympathy.
Resigned to her fate. You're gonna get torched soon, girl. However all this posing is starting to effect a change to my original plans...
 Here's where the head got too. Asuka's using it for her MP3 player. No wonder Monocorn's pissed.

Yup, he's pissed alright. Interesting gimmick- the beam sabers can be mounted on the arms.
Obligatory vaguely sexist statement: "Because girls like big guns."
Asuka again. Her skinniness isn't that apparent here. For the record, that's my PSP case that she's sitting on.
Because we all know that Haruhi is pure evil. The bazooka, I should mention, is ridiculously hard to mount. And that's that. Somehow after this shoot I don't really feel like smelting the Monocorn anymore. Not to mention the runners that I test-burned didn't do so well...


  1. I had a pretty big Gundham toy when I was a kid. Thing was cool as all hell :)

    1. Never would have figured you for a Gundam fan:)