Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Intermission: Mostly random stuff I put in my mouth

Earth Hour for 9 minutes, not 60. It's better for the atmosphere.
Right. Time for another random post to keep my non-readers entertained (and to delude myself into thinking that I'm actually doing something on this blog) while I nag myself into completing the next part of my Turkey travelogue. If it seems that that's all I seem to be doing these days, you aren't wrong. The thing with big projects is that they tend to overwhelm everything else... even itself.
That being said, as per the title of this post, most of the stuff here will be about food. What can I say, getting a phone with a nice camera really does make one take pictures of vaguely interesting stuff. I'd rather take photos of our PM cowering under an umbrella during a hailstorm, but that sort of thing doesn't happen every day, hence, food. That's Sukiyaki in the pic above: Japanese hot-pot with random things thrown in.
Sushi pile
And this, of course, is sushi, as if you didn't already know. At my recent company dinner I was asked what my favorite sushi was, and I said 'inari sushi' (that would be the ones covered in tofu skin). The natives around the table went 'yappari' (as I thought, or of course). Eh. They guessed what type of sushi I like? Is there a sushi-personality test lurking somewhere out there?
...something yellow.
I had all these food at a Japanese buffet I went to- for free. That's what you get for being lazy to go out, but know people who want you there (thanks Jim!). Heh. Burp. I think my stomach has shrunk to the point that buffets aren't suitable for me anymore. I actually puked everything out- there was some redness to the puke, which captivated me for a moment (thought it was blood), but it turned out to be nothing more than watermelon bits. After puking I went and took this jelly pudding thing, to, ah, wash down the remaining puke. Yep. Smart thing to do.
Waffles and root beer.
Waffle and Root Beer set from A&W after a swim- if you can call half-heartedly alternating between floating, clinging to the side like some sort of shellfish, and pretending to be a submarine, swimming. I didn't plan for it to be like that, but just you try putting on your goggles and having it snap in half just before getting into the pool. Mood killer like nothing else.
Bits of lobster.
Various bits of lobster- one of the appetizers I went with at my last company dinner at Millesime, an odd French restaurant in Solaris Dutamas. The menu changes every day, based on 'what the chef feels like cooking'.
Foei Gras and Chocolate
Yes, well. Say whatever you want about Foei Gras... it tastes... well, exactly like how you'd expect liver to taste. Yes feeding Donald Duck like that- (oh wait, was it geese? Goose? Mother Goose, then?)- yes, feeding Mother Goose like that has animal lovers everywhere up in arms, but what the heck, the thing was dead already and destined for the plate. Might as well try it. Not my sort of dish, really. The chocolate like thing on the left was lovely, though. Oh wait, maybe I should have mixed everything up? ...oops.
Australian Beef Chunk
Prime Australian beef, with a stick of asparagus (or is that artichoke? I'm no farmer), which is currently in season in Germany- it's all they eat now: Asparagus soup, asparagus jam, asparagus soap... back on point. Nothing special, this one. I'd rather have a burger from Tony Roma's or Carl's Junior. 'Gourmet' food just isn't for me, I suppose.
Bits of dessert.
Bits and pieces of dessert. That's gourmet food for you- morsels of everything. The stick there had me scared for a moment- it looked like an elongated snail. The bits of fruit tasted exactly like bits of fruit- no surprise. The ice cream was some sort of nut- hazelnut, pistachio, or something.
Simple is good.
It's impossible to diet at the place I work. I think I should just give up, what with all the sweet stuff appearing every now and then (never mind that I don't really need to diet). For the record, the cake was delish.
Beat this combination.
Lunch at work one day: one rock scone, one peanut pau, and one herbal egg. Recently I commented on my colleague's odd lunch combination of asam laksa and french fries- I'm one to talk. Pfft.

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