Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 aka My Pet will always be Bigger than Yours

Wardrobe malfunction, in the truest sense of the phrase.
This movie is the film adaptation of one of the Doraemon 'long stories'- apparently they come out with one every year or so, and remake older ones during, ah, dry seasons- this one is a remake of the first ever Doraemon film. Expect nothing new if you've read the book it's based on- I have, and found myself making comparisons between the art used in the book and the anime series, while not bothering too much about the story.
The art is actually quite appealing- it's certainly a nice change of pace from what I'm used to. The only problem I had was with the voice-overs: Nobita, especially, sounded extremely irritating. The others were quite alright- Giant's was suitably big and rough, Suneo's... well, like a weaselly snob. It's interesting to note how Shizuka calls Nobita 'Nobita-san', emphasizing how prim and proper she is- something lost in the dubs.
Anyway, Nobita finds a dinosaur egg and hatches it (take a guess as to how), getting himself a little Futabasaurus pet. I Wikied it in disbelief- it's real. He named it Piisuke, a silly sounding name for a dinosaur. Raising a giant lizard the size of a house in your house isn't really a good idea, so he's forced to send it back to the Jurassic period- or Cretaceous, whatever.
Silly little Rex can't multi-task, but I'm sure you know what's going to happen next.
In any case he and his friends go back in time to visit, and the plot-necessary trouble ensues. There's actually a pretty impressive Dino-on-Dino fight scene (see above pic). Trust me on this, the Jurassic Park movies have nothing on this one.
Good thing she can't play her violin in the shower.
You'll also be treated to some bath scenes- with the series' resident Girl-Next-Door Shizuka leading the pack. This is a movie, though- not to mention a 'modern remake', so there's plenty of steam so as not to offend any closet-pedophiles (reverse logic, though being reverse I've forgotten the reason why).

It's also pretty interesting that this time she got to finish her shower without Doraemon and Nobita barging in- that only seems to happen when she's in a traditional Japanese bath setting (wash and scrub before entering tub). Maybe it's because the tub affords convenient censorship with her being able to jump into it, and to douse the intruders.

Or to get even deeper, maybe it's because showering is 'Western' and as Westerners get their brains turned upside down at the sight of a naked kid (though one has to wonder why African tribes are exempted), no barging in is allowed. On the other hand barging into a Japanese bath scene is perfectly alright (communal bathing and all that)....
A happy Giant is a good Giant.
Interestingly, the shower balances things out- you get to see Giant bathing. A generation's worth of Giant-obsessed women swooned upon seeing this scene. No, he didn't sing while showering. Or at the very least, I wasn't listening (which is why I still hear fine).
Dat face :p
And finally, Suneo, looking suitably in love with his minuscule self. For some reason Nobita didn't get a similar scene. As for Doraemon, I assume that he doesn't bathe... I wonder if he licks himself like normal cats do?

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