Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doraemonized Espada: Conquering Soul Society with International Childhood Affection

An alternative take on the Espada from Kubo Taito's Bleach. Why? Blame boredom and free time. Which leads to which? Does it really matter? Either way, this is the final product. Could have been better, but what the heck. I got bored while doing it, but stubborn determination to complete what I started helped somewhat. Here's the (slightly edited and jumbled around for increased length, ok, completely rewritten) description from Deviantart:

A mash of characters from Fujio F. Fujiko's Doraemon and Kubo Taito's Bleach. Reference made to both manga for this piece (Piece. Huh. This sounds rather presumptuous).

Dora-Barragan was the first to be drawn. Pretty straightforward- his design allowed me to keep the famous 4D pouch visible. Come to think of it it looks a lot like a pita bread... had a hard time deciding whether to turn him into a skeleton like the real Barragan's Resurreccion mode though. Turning a blue robot into a skeleton proved too mind-numbing for my already numbed mind, however...

Shizuka-Harribel came next. Enlarged her chest- don't get angry on me here- to match Harribel's. Nowhere near Harribel's size, though. On a side note, I really wish they'd Romanize her name as Hallibel... Harribel just has me thinking of a rather furry bell.

Nobita-Ulquirra didn't take long. Surprisingly I had a hard time drawing him because of his lack of any significant feature (Besides his utterly pathetic nature). Props to Fujio for being able to draw him so easily. Semi-chibi mode for him- I don't think he even looks like Nobita here- just some generic kid with round glasses. Tsk.

Finally, Giant-Nnoitra. Originally planned on making it Giant-Yami, since Giant's not really bloodthirsty, but just a big bully- but balked at the idea of having to draw all those huge legs, not to mention a completely bare torso, still not feeling confident enough to attempt a sketch of a naked body without a proper model to copy. Settled for Nnoitra because... well, who else was there.

What about Suneo? Poor Tako (Octopus) Face. I thought of drawing him as Szayel Apporo, but was too tired and didn't really like his Resurreccion mode (Like a Christmas tree in an adult toy store). Maybe next time, kid... if someone doesn't make you into sushi, that is.

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