Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marida likes it Red: SD Kshatriya

What she looks like under the helmet.
I got bored a few months ago and decided to splurge on something which wouldn't break the bank- the result being the SD Kshatriya, even though I already have the HGUC 1/144 version, and wasn't really all that interested in the kit (simply thinking 'oh doesn't it look cute' does not equal to unfeigned interest). I got it mainly because it was (well, seemed) ridiculously cheap for a gunpla kit, plus it came with a little extra mech... (insert several pages of justifications)

My my, you've gained some weight, haven't you?
I wanted to paint it yellow, like a bulldozer or a steamroller. Turn it into a public maintenance-like mech. I even got a tube of acrylic paint to do the job, but gave up once I started painting the thing and it looked like someone had poured a raw egg yolk over it. Apparently I should have kept at it by painting layer over layer... didn't have the patience for that, as you can see. Gave up and attacked it with the spray paint I used for my HGUC Sinanju instead. I painted the white beam sabers neon green later on (spray painted again).
Runs in the family.
With it's cousin the HGUC Kshatriya lurking in the shadows... well, providing a shadow, really. It rather irks me that the pricey HGUC doesn't have any fancy marking stickers like the SD.
If it's articulation you want, this is the most you're gonna get. This pose wouldn't be possible with the wing binders on- even more so for the Green capsicum since it's wing binders are filled out unlike the Red's, which are hollow (no trademark funnels either). Red's arms can't move as much as Green's either.
Body swap.
Trading body parts. They aren't snapped on- they're just sitting there. Plenty of space to rest on on the waist. Tiny guy still looks kinda cute...
The end for Loto.
And to round it off, here's the 'free' Loto, all six snap-together parts of it (plus one sticker). Poor thing doesn't stand a chance against the Ohmu from Nausicaa... oh wait, wrong story; not to mention an owner who didn't care much for it- I passed it onto that little thing from Hazel I Bite who was supposed to pass it onto my gunpla thesaurus who wanted to use it as a papermark- but she seemed to have taken a liking to it. I wonder where the little guy is now...

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