Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's been a while, no? Oh, and so long, Freedom.

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Well here I am at last. This will be the last post for this blog... for November. Heh. I've been pretty distracted recently, no thanks to a certain Skyrim... after just a few days of non-stop playing I have a level 39 lycanthropic barbarian Kate Moss. The loss, however, was that I've neglected this place, when I could have been doing other things (Like clearing up my backlog of posts, for one).

Meanwhile, I start work tomorrow- another blow to my freedom, but a necessary step, and now all that remains is to see whether I can break free of it without compromising my comfort- by writing a book, or leading a rebellion (Not the Guevaran kind), that sort of thing.

Now then. I've categorized this post under 'dreams', so I better say something about one, no? Here goes. I found myself at the home of a girl I'd met recently, though we'd only crossed paths once. Oddly enough my sister was there too, and we crashed there, tired.

We watched some shows on TV till it was late at night, before deciding to leave- the girl and her mom were fast asleep (In the same room, oddly). Strangely enough there was an elderly butler to show us out. We stepped out of the door and found ourselves in a flooded castle. Go figure.

Some dreams I can interpret, while some are just too nonsensical to even start trying to. This one, though oddly simple enough (With the exception of the end), just seems too banal... unless of course you attempt to define each element separately, like how a snake is a sexual symbol. So, girl, mother, sister, butler, castle, flood.... gah. I give up.

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