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Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) 2010

Gunpla 30th Anniversary
30 July 2010:
It just so happened that I happened to be in Hong Kong just in time for the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) exhibition. Even better, I'd read about it just a few days before, having had no idea of its existence until I arrived on the island. To add more sugar to the mix, I got to go on the very first day of the exhibition, which also happened to coincide with Bandai's 30th anniversary... ah, joy.
Super Mario Bros. Wii booth.
Before I go further- I have to mention this. Getting into the place was torture. I had to join a queue that stretched forever- around buildings, inside buildings, over streets, before finally reaching the convention center. Every 10th person in the queue was fiddling away on a PSP- none of them bright red, I noticed- which cheered me up somewhat (That was the colour I'd chosen for mine). As a consolation, however, I managed to get a tourist ticket- an excellent move on the part of the organizers

The Spirit of Capitalism
There were quite a few booths selling random anime-related merchandise- I picked up a Slam Dunk jersey for Matt. Would have liked to get one for myself, but I was running out of cash (And I'd have had to get one of the female versions for myself, since I don't like how the male jerseys expose so much on the side- but they probably wouldn't have had my size anyway) due to my other purchase.
Manga. Manhua, really.
Manga. All in Chinese, sadly. I'd have bankrupted myself if they were Japanese, and cheap. Which reminds me- I'd failed to find a second hand Japanese bookshop in Hong Kong. Any Hongkie reading this who knows of any?
A big Doraemon watching over the crowd. I think it was a promotion for an upcoming movie (I think they release one every year).
Instant Marriage.
So, who wants to be Nohara Shinnosuke's (Crayon Shin-Chan) wife? Not me.
Value your chastity? RUN.
This kid is dangerous. Stay away. Especially if you're a young and beautiful girl. College-going ones are at the highest risk.
A diorama featuring a bunch of HGUC kits, most notably the Kshatriya. I saw one selling for HKD415... quite a good price, apparently.
A diorama featuring a swarm of Super-Deformed (SD) kits. I wasn't that interested in the SD line-up back then- I should probably have grabbed a few.
Impressive.. thing.
I have no idea what this mechanical monstrosity is, but it didn't fail to impress.
The 00-Raiser challenged to a duel by Mr. Bushido's Susanoo. I've never been able to think the same way of the 00-Raiser after having its blades described as a pair of spatulas, never mind the fact that I can't stand the bird nailed to its back.
Red Kshatriya
A red Kshatriya. Don't like the way it was posed, though- like a curious kid leaning over a guardrail for a better view.
A sparkly Qubeley. Though at the time I couldn't remember what it was called and mentally filed it away as 'Beelzebub'.
A weird looking Unicorn. As described by a friend: "looks like someone had fun taking note of Gurren Lagann's mecha designs and made a Gunmen-inspired Unicorn XD". I hadn't watched Gurren Lagann at the time so I had no idea what he was talking about.
A sad end makes for a pretty sight
The Kshatriya being mauled by the Unicorn. I really hope this doesn't happen in the OVA. No spoilers please, dude...
Shin Musha.
The Shin-Musha Gundam, I think. Gotta love that Naginata.
One big bastard here. I thought it was a modified Sinanju, but was later told that it was a Gerbera Tetra.
The Zabanya from the upcoming (Well, it was upcoming at the time) Awakening of the Trailblazer movie.
Cold Storage
I mean, seriously, stop showing off...
Violent looking.
Some violent looking fella.
Kyrios Something. Pumpkin.
What looked a lot like a Kyrios Gust, I can't be sure- emerging from... something I'm even less sure of.
A cosplay contest- excuse the lousy pictures.
MonHun cosplay
A girl in a Monster Hunter costume (I think). Rathalos, if I'm not mistaken.
From the 2011 Samurai Girls with Big Boobs anime, Hyakka Ryouran (If I'm reading the golden words at her feet correctly).
Black Rock Shooter with Alphard from Canaan in the background.
Some maid character from Ikkitousen.
Canaan, from, well, Canaan.
Even Magic: The Gathering had a booth- quite a surprise.
Onizuka's watching over you, so don't get any funny ideas...
Life sized Iron Man statue- promotion for the second movie.
A human-sized Unicorn. Not 1:1, but 1:you. OK that was lame.
The Sinanju in all its plastic glory.
Not Harute.
Mistaken labeling. That's Zabanya, not Harute.
Son Goku from Dragonball.
Some Saint Seiya figures.
The Full Armored Unicorn Gundam. One of the more pricey MGs out there.
No idea, but pretty
No idea where she was from but it was a pretty figure.
Haruhi ruined my life...
How true for some people. Season 2 was painful...
Bushido spirit.
Samurai cosplayers.
Vocaloid cosplayers.
No idea where from.
More cosplayers.
Code Geass cosplay. With pizza to boot!
CC with Cheese.
C.C. with Cheese-kun. And that's it.

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