Thursday, October 27, 2011


Redacted for obvious reasons.
Guess what came in the mail today- air mail, no less- the prize I won in a lucky draw contest from Travel Volunteer (One that I didn't know I'd won, being busy living, not to forget Facebook's tagging system failing on us at the worst possible moment). Oh, and I got to use the word 'redacted' for the first time ever. Pretty good, eh?

Obligatory flip-side photo.
The reverse side of the parcel. Nothing to redact here. Note the Trav. Volun. logo. Dad picked it up and thought asked if it was a job offer- I'd been checking out Japanese companies, particularly those which would have me end up in Japan. It says 'key chain'- pretty large parcel for such a thing. Obviously...
Don't we all? :3 wasn't a key chain, but a photobook, plus a nice badge/pin thing which I didn't take a picture of. The book itself is pretty safe... I haven't checked it out yet but I'll see Ushijima Iinuku in there (If there were, I don't think the book would have made it through Customs).
And a postcard too.
I nearly missed this one- a postcard from the Trav. Volun. team. Thanks guys!
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Finally, to warrant the title of this post, a photo of... okonomiyaki, one of my favorite foods. Curiously enough the spelling checker wants me to change it to, amongst other things, words like macroeconomic. Talking about economics, okonomiyaki is supposed to be a cheap snack food, but that's not the case when you're out of Japan and the thing is hard to find. It wasn't even all that good. Sigh.

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